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Full lead face shield side view - safeloox
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Full Lead Face Shield

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The Full Lead Face Shield is a x-ray protective full mask that protects your entire face, from brow to chin. It eliminates blind spots caused by standard glasses and gives you a huge area of protection from radiation. Great for people who wear radiation glasses and want to protect more than just their eyes. The leaded acrylic has a 0.10mm lead equivalency.

Made in USAMade in USA

Colour: Clear

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The Full Lead Face Shield offers wide radiation and splash protection. It extends downwards from a headpiece brow band. You can use the adjustable head strap band to increase or decrease the head size for a secure and comfortable fit.

The Full Lead Face Shield cannot be sterilised at high temperatures or with high-pressure sterilisation methods. Only clean by wiping the shield with a soft cloth and no abrasive cleaning materials.

Product Features

  • Radiation Protection Standards: AS/ NZS4543.3; IEC 61331.3-2014 -> tested and certified against a full range of x-ray energies: 50-150kVp.
  • Protection Level:
    • 0.12mm Pb 
  • Face Shield Material: Lead acrylic
  • Face Shield Features:
    • Adjustable head band
    • Large protection surface from brow to chin
    • Colour:
      • Transparent
    • Head size: Small, medium, large, extra large 
    • Total weight: 400g
    Cleaning & Care

    Intended Use of Lead Glasses

    Your Lead Glasses are intended to be used as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for reduction of x-ray and scatter radiation that is released during radiological examinations and interventional procedures in the medical environment. Radiation Safety Glasses are not to be used as impact safety lenses. Impact resistant over goggles must be used if impact protection is required.

    All SAFELOOX lead glasses are equipped with premium 0.75mm Pb leaded lenses and 0.50mm Pb leaded side shields offering highest frontal and lateral protection against ionising radiation of up to 150kV – complying with the latest Australian standard AS/NZS 4543-3:2000 and international radiation protection standard IEC 61331-3.2014.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting of Lead Glasses

    all prescriptions

    Uncoated Lenses

    Leaded lenses (with or without prescription) that do not have any coatings applied such as anti-fog or anti-reflective coatings.

    DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED CLEANERS. It can damage the leaded lens.

    • Clean with hand soap or natural lens cleaners with no microbeads or grit added.
    • Gently rub leaded lenses in straight lines under clear running water.
    • Dry with soft, lint-free cloth.
    • You can also use non-alcohol based wipes.

    Anti-fog Coated Lenses

    Leaded lenses that are coated with anti-fog.

    DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED CLEANERS. It will degrade the anti-fog coating.

    • Clean with hand soap or natural lens cleaners with no microbeads or grit added.
    • You can also use non-alcohol based wipes.
    • Use a light pressure in straight lines, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of leaded lenses and frame.
    • Dry with microfibre cleaning cloth.
    anti-glare coated lenses

    Anti-reflective Coated Lenses

    Leaded lenses that are coated with anti-reflective/anti-glare coating.

    DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED CLEANERS. It will degrade the anti-reflective coating.

    • Clean with hand soap or natural lens cleaners with no microbeads or grit added.
    • Gently rub leaded lenses in straight lines under clear running water.
    • Dry with soft, lint-free cloth.


    Radiation Safety Glasses cannot be disinfected in a pressure chamber (autoclave) or cleaned with Ammonia and chlorine-based cleaners as they harm the leaded lenses which are very fragile, and the frame material, which is usually made of plastic (e.g. polycarbonate or TR90).

    Manufacturers do not recommend circular motions while cleaning leaded glass as it can damage applied anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings and loose its functionality.

    Safely Wearing and Storing Your Lead Glasses


    • Always place your lead glasses inside your hard case every time you take them off. 
    • Do not leave your lead glasses in a hot area. The heat can warp the frame.
    • Do not set your lead glasses close to the sinks and vanities. They can get splashed with corrosive substances in these areas.
    • Avoid putting your lead glasses on top of your head. The top of the head is generally wider than the face and can widen the frame.
    • Don’t push on the nose piece. The motion can distort the nose piece; try to adjust the nose piece before placing it on your face.
    • Use both hands to remove your lead glasses. The motion will keep your frame’s alignment and minimise changes over time.
    • If you need to remove your lead glasses constantly, make sure to use a retainer cord.

    Inspecting Your Lead Glasses Frequently

    • Examine your lead glasses frequently as leaded lenses can become pitted, chipped or in other ways damaged.
    • If that is the case, cease use immediately and contact your radiation safety officer at the hospital for instructions.

    Also Read: Seven Top Tips for Looking After your Radiation Glasses

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    Check the most frequently asked questions about Lead Glasses below. All general FAQs - ordering, paying and warranty - can be found in the main FAQ section. If you still need help, then please reach out by live chat or email us at hello@safeloox.com.


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    Receiving Your Parcel

    Our orders are dispatched daily from our Melbourne warehouse and are mainly delivered by Australia Post. We recommend sending deliveries to an address where you or a work colleague can receive the parcel in person, to a free Australia Post Parcel Locker or PO Box. If the delivery address is unattended, your property will be held for collection at the nearest post office. Your delivery is registered and requires a signature on delivery or pick up. All deliveries can be tracked via Australia Post. If there's something we can do to make your delivery more convenient for you, contact SAFELOOX.

    Estimated Processing and Delivery Times

    Standard Orders Custom Orders
    Non-prescription safety glasses without any lens coatings and name engravings. (Non-)prescription safety glasses with or without lens coatings, name engravings.
    Availability & Dispatch 24 to 48 hours (unless out of stock) 3 to 4 weeks 
    Domestic Shipping Times 
    Domestic Shipping Times
    Standard: 2 to 8 days or Express: 1 to 3 days
    Domestic Shipping Charges
    Domestic Shipping Charges (flat-rate)
    Standard flat rate: $8.95 or Express flat rate: $11.95

    When products are temporarily out of stock, a delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks from order to delivery can apply.