Prescription Safety Glasses Information

Providing the sharpest and clearest vision

SAFELOOX specialises in making certified and compliant prescription safety glasses to suit all visual needs for healthcare professionals during any medical procedure. We offer a large range of scripted Safety Glasses - Lead Glasses as well as Splash Glasses - that are available in all three prescription types: single, bifocal and progressive vision.

What are the Available Prescription Types?

Correctly dispensed prescription lenses provide the sharp and clear vision you want and need to have during any medical procedure. An Optometrist or Ophthalmologist usually identifies your visual needs. Both professions can establish whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or need multiple prescriptions in one lens, and they provide you with a script to make the prescription lenses that correct vision problems that you may have.

Single Vision (SV)

single vision lenses

Single vision prescription lenses are the most common prescription type. Single vision safety lenses correct one (single) vision problem such as nearsightedness (-), farsightedness (+), and astigmatism.

When you are farsighted: You cannot see things that are close to your eyes. You may consider getting prescription safety glasses that enables you to read information better in front of a computer screen.

When you are nearsighted: You cannot see things that are close to your eyes. You may require distance prescription safety glasses because you cannot view things that are further away. These glasses are used to see distances clearer.

Bifocal Vision (BF)

bifocal vision lenses

BF leaded lenses provide both near and distance vision. These lenses are split into two sections to correct near (e.g. reading) and far visual needs (e.g. driving a car).

Bifocals help you get far and near vision only, and will generate image jumps when you look near after you see distance.

Progressive Vision (PG)

progressive vision lenses

PG leaded lenses provide three levels of vision in one: distance, intermediate and near, allowing to do close-up work, middle-distance work or distance viewing without needing to change your glasses.

With a PG lens you will get continuous vision at distance, intermediated, and near focal ranges with no image jumps or lines. This prescription type is more expensive than bifocals but it may be worth the investment.

How to Order Safety Glasses with Prescription

Have you been to your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist and got your script ready? Then you are good to go to order your Safety Glasses with prescription. Whether you need Lead or Splash Prescription Safety Glasses the order process is the same to follow. 

1. Go to Shop, and choose your All Prescription Safety Glasses

2. Now Check the Box for Radiation Protection or Splash Protection in the product filter under features.

3. Choose your glasses and your desired prescription type

4. Either fill in your script details or simply upload your script. If there is any essential information missing, we will contact you.

5. Add any extras (coatings, name engraving) to increase comfort.

6. Add to cart.

7. Get your Safety Glasses Delivered within 3 to 4 weeks.

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