Free 7-Day Trial Program

for Lead Glasses

Safeloox makes it easy to find you the right pair of lead glasses. We understand the discomfort that can come with the weight of radiation protection eyewear, especially during lengthy medical imaging procedures. Finding the perfect fit is crucial, especially for prescription glasses.

That's why we invite you to enjoy a free 7-day trial of our lead glasses from the comfort of your home or at work. Ensure you make the right choice for your comfort and satisfaction. Experience the weight and fit firsthand during this trial, which is particularly beneficial for prescription lead glasses, given the added thickness of the lenses.

Best of all, it's completely free. Embrace peace of mind as you try, experience, and decide – It’s that simple!

How The Free Trial Works

  1. Agree to our Terms & Conditions: Carefully read the terms & conditions of our trial offer. By ticking the checkbox under the contact form, you acknowledge and agree to the terms & conditions of this trial.
  2. Select Your Lead Glasses: Pick up to 5 frames of your choice.
  3. Fill in your contact details: on the provided contact form along with the names of the lead glasses frames you like to trial, and we will ship them to you.
  4. Trial Period: You can trial the lead glasses in the field of your profession for seven days.
  5. Return Lead Glasses: Once the seven days are up, carefully pack the lead glasses using the original packaging material, as the lenses are very fragile.
  6. Drop off at Australia Post: Label the parcel with the provided prepaid return label and drop it off at Australia Post.

Please note that lead glasses on clearance are excluded.

If you require prescription lead glasses...

We highly recommend to send us your script so we can check your prescription against the prescription limits of our lead glasses. You can also check the description details on the product page which lists the prescription limits. We will be able to recommend lead glasses that can be fitted with your prescription. You can also call Safeloox on 1300 766 854 to discuss your options.

Call our Safeloox Team on 1300 766 854 if you have any further questions on how the trial process works.

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