Prescription Lead Glasses

Protecting your eyes from x-ray and scatter radiation 

Prescription Lead Glasses are radiation protection eyewear with custom-made radiation protection lenses that correct your vision to see sharply and clearly during all radiological and interventional procedures. All Safeloox prescription leaded eyewear is available in three prescription types to meet your visual needs, no matter if you are nearsighted or farsighted (single vision) or if you require multiple vision corrections in one leaded lens (bifocal or progressive vision).

With Safeloox's free 7-day trial for lead glasses, we also make it easy to find the right lead glasses for you. We understand the discomfort that can arise from the weight of radiation protection eyewear, especially during lengthy medical imaging procedures – a crucial consideration, particularly for prescription glasses. Ensure your comfort and satisfaction by experiencing the weight and fit firsthand during this free trial.

Choose from a large range of Prescription Lead Glasses by using the detailed product filter on the left. Use our prescription selection guide to find the best prescription lead glasses for your unique features.