Virtual Try-On

Experience the fit online

'Virtual Try On' (VTO) is an interactive online tool helping healthcare professionals to choose the protective eyewear that fits their face best.

- Currently, we offer the VTO for lead glasses only, but endeavour to include splash safety glasses soon -

The Virtual Try-On displays your lead glasses options INSTANTLY on your face like a mirror, helping you to select the right radiation protection eyewear for your face. Our tool not only allows you to see how you look with our lead glasses on, but it also lets you experience the fit of our lead glasses as it responds to your movements and allows you to see how the glasses look at different angles.

Our Virtual Try On solution provides you with a real-fit mirror experience on any device in real time. The size of your face is determined by the information you provide such as your gender or pupillary distance (which is distance between the centre of your pupils). The pupillary distance (PD) provides the most precise fit for your unique face.

How it Works

1. Choose the Style

SAFELOOX offers radiation protection eyewear for every face shape and taste. The next step is finding you a pair of lead glasses that speaks to you!

Explore our eyewear collections and try different shapes of x-ray glasses.

Explore our Eyewear Collections

2. Select Gender or PD

By selecting your gender, the tool will provide you with a real-fit experience based on the average gender Pupillary Distance (PD)(statistical accuracy).

However, if you want to have a more precise fit, you can also share your pupillary distance, which is unique to you.

Learn how to measure your PD

3. Try the Glasses Virtually

Found a pair of x-ray glasses that you like? Try them on with our Virtual Try On Tool that displays our lead glasses INSTANTLY on your face like a mirror. You can also move around and look at the lead glasses from different angles, helping you to select the right radiation protection eyewear for your face.

You can save photos on your device to share and get some second opinions, or just to remind you of how cool you'll look with your new radiation glasses!

Try Them On Virtually

Still Prefer Our Contactless Free 7-Day-Trial?

As radiation protection eyewear weighs more than standard safety glasses, SAFELOOX offers healthcare professionals a free 7-Day-Trial during which they can trial up to 5 pairs of lead glasses at home and/ or workplace. This allows you to experience the actual weight of your radiation protection glasses and to find out if you feel comfortable wearing them. Our Virtual Try On Solution can assist you to choose up to 5 pairs out of our various range of lead glasses.