About Us

Protecting Your Vision

SAFELOOX is the new safety eyewear brand of Deutsch Medical Pty Ltd who is a medical supplier of radiation protection equipment to Australian hospitals, clinics, and individual healthcare professionals since 2016. Using the knowledge, experience, and partnerships we have built from working in the radiation protection industry, SAFELOOX dedicates itself to being your go-to company for medical protective eyewear, including general splash protection glasses and radiation protection eyewear.

SAFELOOX is specialising in affordable and stylish medical safety glasses for healthcare professionals, including splash and radiation protection eyewear. We offer a large range of custom-fit and comfortable medical safety glasses for all your needs, so you don’t have to settle for the uncomfortable feeling you get from the one-size-fits-all options from hospitals and clinics.

Breaking the One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Personal Safety Eyewear That Fits You

Hi! I’m Anja. I founded Safeloox to increase eye safety and comfort for all healthcare professionals by changing the old way of doing things (so big companies don’t dominate the industry with providing lower service levels) and shaking up most hospitals' one-size-fits-all approach.

With Safeloox, I have built the seamless service and buying experience I wanted as a medical professional looking for safety glasses that I actually would wear all day.

Working in the medical field (specifically the area of personal protective equipment) for more than 10 years now, I know first-hand the challenges medical professionals face when trying to find personal protection eyewear that fit them properly and are somewhat comfortable to wear.

I have seen many medical workers choose not to wear any safety glasses at all. Instead of sharing safety equipment that doesn’t fit them properly. Nobody should have to choose between risking their personal safety by not wearing protective glasses or wearing safety glasses that cause them pain and discomfort while caring for others.

Because of shrinking budgets, many hospitals meet the bare minimum requirements for providing personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses, to their staff. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how important it is to wear durable safety gear that protects you and provides comfort as healthcare professionals are stretched due to many late nights and long shifts.

As a result, I realised there is a growing gap between the individual wearer needs of healthcare professionals and the one-size-fits-all equipment many hospitals provide. It just doesn’t work!! We are not all shaped the same.

I quickly recognised that nobody was going to swoop in, and that the situation has to change in order to increase eye safety for every healthcare worker, so they can safely and comfortably perform any medical procedure.

So, I did with Safeloox.

Experience the Difference

When you shop with Safeloox, you’ll find:

  • Competitive prices
  • Try-before-you-buy Options
  • An extensive range of stylish safety glasses
  • Affordable customisation for a clear vision, including prescriptions, lens coatings, and engraving
  • Outstanding, rock-solid customer service and support
  • Easy online ordering
  • Free 30-day returns for non-custom orders
  • Longer extended warranty

Our Mission

SAFELOOX are devoted to protecting your vision during all medical procedures
and making you feel as comfortable as possible to get you through your toughest shifts.

We Are Lead By Our Four Values

To Keep You Safe.

The most important reason to own a pair of personal safety glasses is to ensure they fit your face securely without leaving gaps. Even small gaps can allow chemicals, airborne pathogens, and other hazards to enter your eyes.

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To Feel Comfortable.

We are committed to finding you the pair of safety glasses that best fit your face best. We'll let you try glasses before you buy them and customise them to your needs. That way, you can keep your safety eyewear on throughout the day without dealing with headaches or other discomforts.

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To Look Stylish.

Typical medical gear can be quite blend-looking and borderline depressing. We’re all about bright, bold styles at a price everyone can afford, designed to add some fun and energy to your important work.

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To Not Break Your Bank.

We make it affordable to be safe, look good and feel comfortable for all healthcare professionals, students, nurses, and specialists alike, all over Australia. Our customisable safety glasses are 100% tax deductible, so you have nothing to lose.

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I got my MX30 Lead Glasses with Deutsch Medical. Very high quality lead glasses, I liked it so much as well as my colleagues. Very satisfied with their lead glasses. I gave this company a 5-star rating because they respond quickly with all my queries specially Anja. She was very friendly and always happy to help. Another satisfied customer here Anja!

Aldous O.

I was extremely happy with both the service and quality of goods I received from this company. When a minor issue popped up, the staff were quick to answer questions and provide alternatives that were just as good as the original.

Excellent customer service and products exactly as promoted!

Sacha R.

The item that I ordered from them is significantly cheaper when I checked the same item from another supplier.
Staff is kind enough to check with me the order I made. Even to the point of informing me that I may not need to order additional items as it is already included! Despite having some technical delays with my order, their team was prompt to act on the issues, updating me almost daily about my order. They even went beyond what I expected.

Glad to have order my item from them!

Ryan Jason U.