Name Engraving

Personalise your safety glasses

SAFELOOX can personalise your safety glasses by printing your name, initials or department on the temple arms of your safety glasses. Name engraving can help keep track of them and make it easier to identify your safety glasses if left at your workplace or anywhere else. This service is available for many safety frames offered by SAFELOOX. The colour of the engraving can vary depending on the safety frame and its colour.

Examples of Safety Frames with Engraving

How to Order Safety Glasses with Engraving

Whether you are interested in getting lead or splash glasses, the ordering process is as follows:

1. Go to Shop, and choose your All Safety Glasses

2. Now check the box for Custom Engraving in the product filter on the left under Features.

3. Tick the box Radiation Protection or Splash Protection glasses.

4. Choose your safety glasses and select whether or not you require a prescription.

5. Under Custom Engraving choose engraving and its position.

6. This opens a text box in which you can write your text to be printed on the temple arm.

7. Submit and add to cart.

8. Get your safety glasses delivered within 3 to 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked questions

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Can you use numbers or symbols?

How long do orders with name engraving take?

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