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Protecting your Eyes 

Your eyes are a crucial tool for your work, and your eyesight is integral to your life and well-being. However, working in a medical environment can expose you to pathogens, splashes, sprays, bodily fluids, X-rays and scatter radiation which poses serious health risks to your eyes. Therefore, wearing safety glasses is essential to protect your eyes and safely perform medical procedures (e.g., medical, dental, veterinary) as safely as possible. 

SAFELOOX offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive range of reusable and affordable safety glasses, including splash safety eyewear and lead glasses. We provide custom-fit, lightweight and comfortable safety eyewear for all your needs, so you don’t have to settle for the uncomfortable feeling you get from the one-size-fits-all options from hospitals and clinics. In addition, you can customise your safety glasses with prescription, lens coatings and name engraving. Use the product filter on the left side to select desired features for your medical safety glasses.

Twister lead glasses in clear side view from safeloox

Twister Lead Glasses

$259.00 – $309.95
Twister safety eyewear in pink side view - safeloox
Gala lead glasses black purple side view - safeloox