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Safety glasses without vision corrections 

Non-Prescription Safety Glasses are glasses without vision corrections or, rather, without prescriptions. Safeloox offer various fashionable non-prescription safety glasses that protect you from pathogens, bodily fluids and radiation. The many types of safety frames and their features ensure there is a fit for every personal need. You can also customise your safety glasses with additional lens coatings to increase your vision and comfort or personalise your frame with your name. Use the product filter on the left side to select desired features for your medical safety glasses.

With Safeloox's free 7-day trial for lead glasses, we also make it easy to find the right lead glasses for you. We understand the discomfort that can arise from the weight of radiation protection eyewear, especially during lengthy medical imaging procedures – a crucial consideration, particularly for prescription glasses. Ensure your comfort and satisfaction by experiencing the weight and fit firsthand during this free trial.

Twister lead glasses in clear side view from safeloox

Twister Lead Glasses

$259.00 – $309.95
Twister safety eyewear in pink side view - safeloox
Gala lead glasses black purple side view - safeloox