Measuring Your Pupillary Distance Online

With Fittingbox Metrix, Safeloox now offers healthcare professionals an easy and time-saving way to measure their pupillary distance (PD) accurately without the need to visit an optometrist. The online PD tool guarantees a 0.5mm accuracy which is the same as leading digital pupillometers instore. All you need is a computer with a webcam.

As many optometrists do not include your pupillary distance on your script, we needed to ask our customers to either visit their optometrist again or call them to get their PD which can be quite time-consuming. With Fittingbox Metrix, we can measure your PD fast, easy and precisely.

What is your PD and Why Do We Need your PD?

Your Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between both the centre of your pupils and is measured in millimetres (mm). This will typically be 55mm to 68 mm. Your pupillary distance is an essential measurement to make any prescription lead glasses. With this measurement we are able to ensure that the optical centres of your leaded lenses will be aligned correctly with your pupils to provide maximum wearer comfort and effectiveness.

How Does the PD Tool Work?

The online PD tool will take photos of you. These pictures will only be used for the purpose of measuring the information our team needs to make your prescription lead glasses. The PD online tool is compatible with Window browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge as well as macOS browsers Safari Firefox and Chrome. At this point in time, Fittingbox Metrix is not compatible with mobile browser iOS and Android. It only works on a computer, not on a mobile.

How to Measure Your PD

Follow our detailed instructions below to measure your precise pupillary distance online with us. Watch the video or follow our step-by-step guide.

Step by Step Guide





Let's Get Started and Measure Your PD

We'll use your email address as your customer ID, so we can allocate your photos to your order in our back office. If you're logged in to your Safeloox account your email will be prefilled below, otherwise simply enter it, and hit 'Submit'. Within a few seconds the PD tool will open to allow you to take your measurement.