Splash Protection Eyewear FAQs

Explore the most frequently asked questions about Splash Safety Glasses below. All general FAQs - ordering, paying and warranty - can be found in the main FAQ section. If you still need help, then please reach out by live chat or email us at hello@safeloox.com.


What are splash safety glasses?

Who should wear splash safety glasses?

What are the health risks of not wearing splash safety glasses?

What protection standards meet your splash safety glasses?

What material are safety lenses made of?

Prescription Splash Safety Glasses

What prescription types are available?

What lens coatings are available with a prescription?

What is the delivery time for prescription lead glasses?

Cleaning & Maintenance

How do I clean my splash glasses?

How do I store my splash safety glasses safely?

Do I need an eyewear strap?

Custom Engraving

Do you offer custom engraving for splash safety glasses?

What is the maximum length of characters that can be engraved?

Can you use numbers or symbols?

How long do orders with name engraving take?

Can I return my safety glasses with the name engraving?

Lens Coatings

What is the benefit of anti-reflective coating? Should I add it to my splash safety glasses?

What is the benefit of anti-fog coating? Should I add it to my splash safety glasses?

Do you offer a bluelight lens coat for splash safety glasses?

Can I return lead glasses with anti-reflective or anti-fog coating?


How do I know if my frames will fit?