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Lead Aprons for Radiation Protection

Deutsch Medical represents a comprehensive range of lightweight and comfortable radiation protection aprons that protect all healthcare professionals who work with X-ray and fluoroscopy, in environments such as in Cardiac Cath Labs, Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) Labs, Interventional Radiology and Cardiology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Pain Management, and furthermore.

Our lead aprons are especially suitable to wear during medium- to long-term interventional and surgical procedures because our styles are ergonomically designed to support your shoulders, back and hips whilst maintaining the highest radiation protection at less weight.

Select Lead Apron Protection Styles

Deutsch Medical offer a wide range of lead garment combinations to ensure you can order the individual protective outfit you require. Choose between vest and skirt combinations, full wraparound, front protection as well as patient lead aprons. Base your selection on colour combinations, protection materials and thicknesses, fabric options, closure styles, various sizes as well as on the addition of monograms or logos. By using our quote feature tool online, you can submit your requirements to us and receive your individual quote.

Vest & Skirt
Lead Aprons

Keeping you fully protected while providing most comfort during long cases. Reducing stress on the back by distributing weight between shoulders and hips.

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Lead Aprons

Providing full protection while offering comfort during medium to long procedures. Saving you time with an easy-on and easy-off one-piece-design.

Wraparound Lead Aprons

Lead Aprons

Optimal protection while providing comfort during short to medium surgical and diagnostic imaging procedures within dental, veterinary and radiology.

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Lead Aprons

Offering a comprehensive range to protect your patients from radiation during diagnostic imaging procedures.

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Customer Benefits

Lightweight & Comfortable

Keeping you fully protected and comfortable with lightweight and back supportive lead apron styles even during long procedures.

Individual Fit

Creating your customised lead apron outfit that protects you and fits correctly. Choose from a wide range of styles, fabrics, colours, sizes, closure options, accessories, and embroidery.

Easy-Clean Fabrics

Keeping your lead apron cleaner with an easy-clean surface that is resistant to staining. Additives on the surface material help reduce potential cross contamination.

Peace of Mind

Giving you unsurpassed peace of mind and personal confidence in the high quality of our lead aprons by offering a 3-Year-Guarantee.

Highest Industry Standards

Adhering to the highest industry standards, including ISO 9001:2015, regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Module B& D), IEC 61331-1.2014 and 61331-3.2014.

A-Track Software

Making it easy to track your personal radiation protection equipment. Providing free inventory management software for your lead garments.

Time-Saving Inventory Management for Radiation Protection

Making it easy to manage your personal radiation protection equipment.

We offer all customers access to A-Track, a cloud-based software which allows users to easily manage, track and document the inspection of radiation protection garments.

Saving you time and effort

From the moment you log in to A-Track, you can clearly see what garments require inspection and when. Once a lead garment is added to the system, an intelligent tracking device will reduce the amount of information you are required to enter by prepopulating user input, saving you time and effort.

Keeping you compliant and ensuring safety regulations are met.

With an integrated iOS and Android application, you can retrieve the full garment history by scanning the QR code on our A-Track label that is fitted to any of our lead aprons. After scanning you can easily see the lead garment’s full details, including a full history of past, current and future inspections. If you are a smart phone user you can still input the unique code into any web browser and retrieve results via the cloud-based A-Track software.

Delivering value to you

This service is included with every lead apron purchase. No capital investment in hardware is required.

Bespoke Service - Create Your Lead Apron

Deutsch Medical was established, because we recognise that one-size doesn’t fit all and doesn’t provide the personal protection you may require for your profession. Our response was to develop a user-friendly approach to radiation protection, providing standard and customised solutions to healthcare professionals and their patients. That’s why we offer a bespoke service which ensures that you get the precise fit you need to be fully protected, with the lead apron design that you prefer. This delivers the level of protection you need and a more comfortable fit for daily wear.

Custom Options

We offer embroidery (monograms, logo on pocket) thyroid collar clipped on, with different closure types (Velcro or magnets).