Fabric Materials and Colours


Keeping you comfortable and flexible in your movements.

The Flex-DC fabric is a specifically formulated material unique to our manufacturer AmRay, which gives the wearer a lightweight flexible fabric that is hard-wearing and durable. Its flexible proprieties afford the wearer complete comfort and ease of movement, avoiding unwelcome bulging from bending, sitting or leaning. A polyurethane coating provides an easy-clean surface to avoid staining and provides high standards of hygiene

Yellow PU

Lime PU

Pink PU

Red PU

Green PU

Blue PU

Navy PU

Wine PU

Turquoise PU

Purple PU


Making it easier to keep your apron clean.

In addition to the Flex-DC features, the Spangly fabric contains an additional coating to create an easy-clean surface resistant to staining.

Navy Spangly

Blue Spangly

Pink Spangly

Turquoise Spangly


Nylon is a strong and lightweight fabric of high resilience which is easy to keep clean.

Citylight Nylon

Lakeside Nylon

Universe Nylon

Blue Storm Nylon

Child Motif

Navy Nylon

Blue Nylon