Avoiding Cataracts with the Proper Radiation Safety Glasses

Eye cataract induced by x-radiation

The healthcare industry in Australia is hectic. It is a busy combination of a persistent stream of demanding clients, unrelenting competition from other providers, regularly updating and changing regulations and the usual challenges of running any business. Yet none of this should be a higher priority than workplace safety.

There is always time to pause and protect staff and patients.

A busy schedule is no excuse when ensuring the correct protective practices are being adhered to. Medical machinery is equipped with precautionary features that minimise risks, and the same thinking should be applied to people.

Comfortable and globally certified radiation eyewear makes sense. The modern designs are light, durable and ergonomic enough to be worn all day long, even in the busiest medical clinics. Their benefits are undeniable, protecting the eyes of healthcare professionals across the globe.  

People’s eyes are susceptible to countless potentially damaging environmental factors, and radioactive emissions are no exception. The eyes must always be shielded when any dangerous radiation exposures are present.

Cataracts are the most common health concern found to be present among those who are exposed to occupational radiation. Additionally, cataracts are the world's most prevalent cause of blindness today. Avoiding cataracts is an excellent justification for using high-quality, certified protective lead glasses.

The latest designs in radiation safety eyewear protect periphery vision with side shields, and most are compatible with any prescription. With a range of colours and styles to choose from, healthcare staff can even show off a touch of their personality while at work.

Cataracts, a condition that clouds areas of the eyes, can develop if regularly exposed to an environment of X-ray radiation. This degenerative process is accelerated by the presence of radiation, resulting in early onset that generally would not occur until much later in life.

If you are a clinic owner or practice manager, the best decision you could make would be to take the lead and show your valuable staff how important their well-being is to your business. If you are not already providing radiation safety glasses, then now is the time to eliminate the dangers to your employees’ eyesight.

You may be alarmed at how many of your staff use the incorrect type of radiation safety glasses or even none.

It is simple to arrange a session where employees can take the time to properly try on a full range of approved eyewear to find a pair that they love. Once somebody takes the initiative and organises a gathering, then a healthy dose of conversation will evolve around the benefits of updating to the latest lead glasses in your medical practice.

Quality-protective, industry-grade eyewear is the most significant way to avoid complications and side effects when using radiation-emitting equipment. Gloves protect the hands and arms, aprons and outerwear preserve the body and even face shields protect most of the head. However, the eyes need more.

Some procedures may require incorporating a face shield as well. This is usually when liquid spills or splatters are a dangerous possibility. These guards can be worn with leaded eyewear for a secure fit and maximum protection. 

Before the inception and development of modern lead glasses (or medicinal-graded shielding eyewear), an above-average number of radiologists reported having cataracts and other forms of eye disease. This is a disturbing reality.

Do not put your employees at risk of cataracts. Analyse the current situation regarding radiation safety glasses, consider upgrading where required and arrange a productive consultation session to ensure your staff know they are being valued and protected at all times.

SAFELOOX offers a fully approved line of radiation-protective eyewear. Most of our x-ray glasses are also conveniently available with prescription lenses in single, bifocal and progressive vision. All lead glasses on offer can be conveniently trialled as part of our unique free service.



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